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Video Games

Are video games becoming a trap to catch children and push them toward radical ideas that ultimately lead them to extremism, to embrace and encourage violence, or to create a mental image that such negative behaviors do not contradict the values or community laws and fundamentals?
Research and analysis departments at Etidal have detected how terrorist organizations broke in into the video game industry, with the aim of influencing the youngers and attracting them to their violent and bloody ideologies and methodologies.
Although some video games take into account the recreational and educational aspects and build the capacities and skills of children in some areas, this does not mitigate the threat they pose, especially if they are intentionally exploited to influence children. As experts at Etidal have noticed, some video games released by terrorist organizations are tweaked to serve their extremist goals.
These organizations do not use video games just for indoctrination and influencing, but also as means of communication and collaboration, recruitment platforms, and spying and data theft. So, what can be done in response to this? How can we face this tide of blood and violence that has targeted children to accomplish its goals?.