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Terrorism In 2017​

A year, with all of its great and terrifying events, has passed.

In the time when some places on earth were stages for beauty and elegance, other places on earth were a horror theatre, where the specter of terrorism passed through, and left nothing but destruction and famine behind. The ferocious battle between good and evil never stopped. 2017 started with a bloody operation in Turkey, and ended with the dreadful incident of Helwan in Egypt at the end of the same year. However, international willpower was present that year more than ever, considering the number of international centers that were established in a number of global destinations to combat terrorism and to dry out its sources wherever they may be in the world. In the same vein, civil society institutions, interested associations and volunteer teams around the world have contributed in many initiatives that countered terrorism with all languages, cultures and arts. As a result, the sun rose for a brighter tomorrow, to promote values of moderation, tolerance, coexistence, and cultural and human synergies.


Now in 2018, the world stands together with full responsibility to prioritize peace and coexistence, and to unite all nations to overcome evil, and to make this year the end of extremism, once the world takes initiative to do so.