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Saudi Consultative Assembly Delegation Visits “Etidal”

The Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (Etidal) welcomed a delegation from the Saudi Shura Council (Consultative Assembly) headed by his Excellency the Assistant President of the Council, Dr. Yahya Al-Samaan. The delegation was welcomed by the Secretary General of Etidal, Dr. Nasser Albiqami, and the Center's administration. A detailed presentation was given about the basic concepts of the intellectual, media and digital pillars of the Center, highlighting current and future projects. It was followed by a review of the Center’s work strategy, which is based on innovation, diversity, being proactive, transparency and international cooperation, whether with governments, international organizations, research centers, universities or non-governmental organizations. Mechanisms of understanding radical discourse were also reviewed, which include dismantling extremist ideas, monitoring and analyzing suspicions, building counter messages, as well as anticipating and analyzing the movement of extremism. His Excellency praised the advanced mechanisms on which the Center is based. He stressed that the world is always in need of the products issued by Etidal, pointing out that the Council in its legislative work is looking forward to benefiting from the outcomes of the efforts made by Etidal. He also pointed out that countering extremist ideology requires refuting ideas spread by known extremist groups at the local, regional and international levels, as well as those groups that spread the seeds of sectarianism in societies. Dr. Nasser Albiqami, Secretary General of Etidal, said that the Center is working effectively to achieve the strategic objectives set up at the time of its establishment, pointing out that there is great international interest in cooperating with the Center to benefit from its products. He added that Etidal focuses on understanding and combating religious-based extremism, but it does not overlook other kinds of extremism. The Secretary General welcomed the cooperation with the Shura Council given its important status, noting that cooperation on the local or international levels contributes effectively in achieving the vision pursued by the Center.