Kuwait’s Assistant Foreign Minister on International Cooperation Affairs and Development: Etidal Has the Capability to Curb the Influence of Extremist Organizations

As part of the regional and global visits to the Center since its launch, the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (Etidal) received on 15 November a Kuwaiti delegation headed by Ambassador Nasser Al-Sabeeh, Assistant Foreign Minister on International Cooperation Affairs and Development. A review was made of Etidal’s most important pivots in confronting extremism, whether related to ideology, media, or strategy. The delegation was introduced to the latest technologies used in monitoring and analyzing extremism, and the methods adopted to counter it and minimize its influence through the Center’s multi-language global messages. Ambassador Al-Sabeeh commended the results achieved by Etidal and its advanced capabilities in countering extremism. He pointed out that the Center has the capability to curb the influence of organization that utilize various platforms to spread their extremist ideas. He also added that the regional and global collaborations the Center is working on help in achieving the essential common objective for the global community, that of eliminating extremism and terrorism through strengthening cooperation and coordinating efforts, as well as promoting the values of tolerance and coexistence.