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Etidal received a delegation from the British Labor Party

The Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (Etidal) today discussed the Center’s strategy and tactics for fighting extremism with a British Labor Party delegation led by John Wood Cook. Etidal’s Secretary-General Dr. Nasser Al-Buqmi welcomed the delegation and participated in the briefing, along with other senior staff, on the Center’s proprietary techniques to monitor, analyze and confront extremist content. As part of the meeting, Etidal’s Secretary General Al-Buqmi outlined potential ways of cooperation between the Center and The British Labor Party. Since its creation, Edital has been welcoming international groups as part of its effort to create an organization of governmental, citizen, educational and research institutions with global reach. This has been done with the aim of unifying the anti-terrorism efforts around the world. The British Labor Party delegation expressed their admiration for the Center's work as well as the importance of having organizations, like Edital, to stop the global spread of terrorism and to combat extremist on-line content, propaganda and recruitment.