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(Etidal) launches the (University Training) project

Within its strategy framework and its keenness to activate its social role, the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (Etidal) launched a new project titled (University Training). The project aims to support university students in different training fields, and improve their skills and provide them with knowledge by involving them with the Center staffs’ efforts in combating extremist ideology in the ideological, digital and media pivots.


The project also aims to develop skills of male and female students and push them towards practicing and applying their knowledge and their university achievements, and to create opportunities for aspirants to take advantage from the Center’s potentials to help them in their educational future, in addition to strengthening the social role in employing solutions to disseminate values of tolerance and moderation.


Approval terms and conditions of this new project include several points: the trainee must be enrolled in one of the bachelor degree academic programs of Saudi universities, and provide a recent dated letter from the university containing the university training application. Training is limited to the relevant fields (ideological, human and social studies, data analysis, media and communication). The GPA of the trainee must be “Very Good” or above. Lastly, provide an approval from the University Training Committee at Etidal Center of the application after seeing that conditions are met.


The (University Training) project complements and supports Etidal’s initiatives that were launched in 2020, including (Moderate) initiative, the (Research Collaboration) project; and (Tafneed) website, which is concerned with uncovering ambiguities and allegations of extremist ideology. All of latter come in the context of the Center’s keenness in putting forward initiatives that promote community partnerships in the efforts of combating extremist ideology.