Etidal launches the “2gether” initiative for people with disabilities

The Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology “Etidal” launched on Friday June 25, 2021 an initiative under the slogan “2gether” for people with disabilities “Deaf and hearing impaired”. This came along the center’s previous initiatives, which are: (Moderate, Tafneed, research collaboration and university training). Believing in its role in protecting societies from extremist ideology and preventing all its segments of falling into it.

The new initiative aims to enable people with disability to review the ideological, digital and media content issued by (Etidal) within the framework to confront extremist ideologies and to contribute effectively to dismantle and refute them.
The“2gether” initiative adopts non- traditional communication tools based on the use of sign language to build specialized content for societal groups with hearing impairments, “Deaf and hearing impairments” in order to raise awareness and educate about the dangers of malicious thoughts, ways to address them and aborting any attempts by these organizations to infiltrate society, especially after Etidal monitored the recruitment of people with disabilities.

This initiative comes in light of the development of the strategies of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (Etidal) which aims to achieve more visions about societal interactions, and raise the level of participation that meet these goals.