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“Etidal” lanunches “Tafneed” to dismantle the ambiguities of extremism

The Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (Etidal) has launched a new project named “Tafneed”. This project aims to confront the extremist ideology through the internet and social media platforms, which are considered by extremist organizations as a free space through which they conduct their subversive activities, starting from the dissemination of extremist ideology and promoting violent extremism and ending up with recruitment.

 “Tafneed” aims to shield online and social media users from extremism by dismantling the ambiguities distributed and circulated by parties of extremist organizations and groups with anti-national and anti-humanitarian agendas.

“Tafneed” is considered one of Etidal’s projects that are meant for establishing communication and for interacting with all groups of the society. In addition to its awareness-raising role in detecting and shielding against the dangers of ambiguity, it provides a cognitive scientific content reinforced with concrete evidence, which expose extremist groups’ methods in the exploitation of ambiguities to recruit new members.

By launching this project, the Global Center of Combating Extremist Ideology aims to uphold the correct readings of religious texts that correspond with the ends of religions and humanity in general, and to protect societies from the dangers of violent and extremist ideologies, in order to become a digital reference that aims to refute ambiguities, promote moderation values, and protect religions from any possible distortion attempted by extremists.