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  3. A United Nations International Delegation visits ETIDAL

A United Nations International Delegation visits ETIDAL

Riyadh – ETIDAL: The Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (ETIDAL) hosted the United Nations Security Council's Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team headed by Mr. Edmund Walter at its headquarter in the Saudi capital city of Riyadh. During the visit, the UN Security Council Team reviewed the Center's projects aimed at measuring the factors that cause and spread extremism as well as the best tactics to confront and eliminate extremism through specifically designed ideological, technical and media programs. “Thank you for a dazzling series of presentations and briefings,” said Mr. Edmund Walter, UN Coordinator, “It’s encouraging to see this level of creativity, energy and investment in the cause of moderation,” he added. “Combating extremism must be one of the keys to a more peaceful and harmonious world.” He said. The UN delegation was also briefed on the influence of extremist groups across social networks and the measures the Center uses to combat and disrupt these groups and undermine their extremist speech and destructive ideas.