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6 seconds needed to analyze huge extremist content: Etidal center starts its operations by adopting advanced, Integrated and Innovative Technology

The Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (Etidal) began its work in the capital city of Saudi Arabia Riyadh, after the it was announced during Islamic-American Summit which unfolded a great international desire to undermine terrorism and dry its financial sources Etidal seeks to strengthen the aspect associated with the fight against extremism, including refuting the exclusion discourse and consolidate the concepts of moderation and coexistence. The center seeks to achieve its goals through three pillars: Intellectual, media and digital. It aims to overcome the extremist media ideology, and exposing the promotional propaganda through influential production content that promotes moderation culture. "The digital pillar of Eitdal is responsible to undermine the digital activities of extremist ideologies and groups, supporting relevant pillars to strengthen moderate thoughts and combat digital extremism," Dr Nasser Al-Bqami, The General Secretary of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology said. Dr Al-Bqami added that "The center team will use the most advanced technologies that can define radical discourse with standard speed and precisely, along with several leading experts in combating extreme media discourse both on traditional media and digital platforms". in the regard of Eitdal importance and reasons of establishment recently, the General Secretary- said that "many Islamic countries around the world are fighting the extremism and its consequences alone individually, but the escalation of violent extremism in the world represents one of the biggest problems facing the world today." The forces of extremism group threaten the foundations of our society and endanger them. Thus, it is our duty to fight together to win and protect our civilization. We in Saudi Arabia believe that all States have to work together and coordinate their efforts to combat extremist ideology" he said. The Global Center for Combating Extremism Ideology aims to strengthen the foundations of international cooperation and raise the public awareness about the best ways and practices to address extremist media discourse, whether on social networking sites or other public platforms. The Center has developed innovative electronic techniques and open sources, in which enable mentor, analyze and address extreme discourse with high accuracy. In addition, all stages of data processing and analyzing are done within 6 seconds since the data availability or the comments on the Internet, allowing unprecedented levels to combat extreme activities in digital space continuously and carefully. On the level of transparency and governance in the Center's performance and its independence, Dr. Al-Buqami asserts that the selection of 21 members of the Board Directors are from all countries, organizations or interested entities that reflect the independence of Eitdal performance, which operates in accordance with a governance system, with global standards and Integrated vision to achieve the desired objectives. " The center strategies mentioned in the founding document to achieve the objectives. Dr. Al-Buqami refers that "The Global Center for Combating Extremism Ideology is working with governments and NGOs that provide an appropriate incubator to support international cooperation to combat extremist ideology, work relentlessly to eliminate extremism and terrorism, and work together to promote the spirit of culture and tolerance,”. The Center's electronic technology works in various languages and dialects and advanced analytical models are being developed to locate the digital media platforms. in turn, these advantages will allow highlighting extremist foci and secret areas of polarization and recruitment activities.